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A place to RELAX

About St Lucia

For those who know the classic story of Helen and Troy, the beautiful maiden kidnapped
by the Prince of Troy which caused the great Aegean war where great warriors gave up
their lives to return her to her father's house, St Lucia is to the West Indian Islands what
Helen was to Paris, her admirer and kidnapper.

journey.jpg (26916 bytes)The Landscape

St Lucia is full of lush rivers, palm trees,
water falls, volcanic mountains, exotic
gardens and valleys, wooded estuaries
and fragrances


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The People

St Lucians are a people blessed with their African, Carib Indian, French and English ancestral history and culture. They are a fun loving people who enjoy soca, calypso and rhythmic reggae music. You better take some dance lessons in Country and Western too!! because both young and old alike are well up on the latest Western style tunes and dance routines. You will see this for yourself when you visit the dance halls and bars.

Focal Point Packages

fp_hut.jpg (11120 bytes)Focal Point offers guests the opportunity to
experience life in a small village in a wooden
house, in the middle of the forest or in a 2 Star
guest house in town
or in a 5 star hotel on the
edge of the beach.




fp_gsth.jpg (22860 bytes)Options:

Standard package price from 1000
2 Star guest house in town or
local wooden house in the country
meals, tai chi programme, tours,
transportation and festivals

Silver package price from 2000
3 Star guest house/hotel in town or country house
meals, tai chi programme, tours,
transportation and festivals



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Gold package price from 3000
5 Star hotel or country house,
meals, tai chi programme,
tours, transportation
and festivals





Each package begins each day at 6am with the T'ai Chi Relaxation programme,
comprising of T'ai Chi, Meditation, Colour visualisation, Reiki hands on healing
and Aura healing.

Guest may choose to opt out of the T'ai Chi Relaxation programme and take
part in some other activities which will be offered by the tour guide, but once
started, the chosen programme must be completed.


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A place to have fun...


For further information please e-mail us at:
or phone Michael on ++44 (0) 7956 913437

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